Baptism and Christening Gifts

A Christening is a very special occasion, not only for parents but for immediate and extended family. This is a chance to officially welcome a baby into the world, ensure he is blessed in the eyes of God and surrounded by the people who will keep him safe. Choosing a gift for this occasion can be tricky, as one is not always sure of what to get and for whom to get it! But sometimes, a handmade gift is far more touching and thoughtful than something bought in a shop.

baptism-644267_640A lovely keepsake for the baby to have in his life, to look back on days long ago, days he probably won’t remember; a baby book. This is essentially a photo album, and though it may sound a little underwhelming; in this day and age of iPhones and digital┬ácameras and USB sticks, something like this can be a treasure in adult life. It is also something that is easily made, even for those less creative than most! Think of it as scrap booking; simply paste photographs and mementos into a scrapbook and perhaps decorate it with craft trickets; for instance, for a baby girl there should be glitter and pink ribbons! A baby book can be started from the minute the child is born, or even before. Some parents get to keep the hospital wrist band gently wrapped around the babys’ wrist, this simple piece of plastic makes a lovely keepsake. Things can be added to the baby book over time, such as a first lock of hair or even the first pair of booties! Photographs of the christening ceremony with parents and godparents gathered around, also added to the baby book. This makes a lovely gift for everyone!

Many stores sell Christening gifts, such as spoons with endearing messages on them and a ribbon tied around the handle. Of course, such a beautiful and simple gift can be made at home, using a clean wooden spoon, a blue or pink ribbon and a little patience and steady handedness. It is almost a tradition for a grandmother to make or hand down a christening gown to her new grandchild, and this is a lovely tradition; keeping something so special in the family.

Such a sacred and special occasion calls for sacred and special gifts. If you are able to fashion a simple wooden cross and have your priest bless this at the ceremony, this makes a wonderfully thoughtful and heartfelt gift to keep, and remember a wonderful day.

It is perhaps difficult to buy gifts for such an occasion, but sometimes the simplest of ideas, if hand made by you are far more precious than something bought from a store.